Tiny Houses

This week I spent a day with my friend, Cheryl Lindsay, a mixed media and jewelry artist (her work is featured in the latest issue of Stampington’s Jewelry Affair and HOME magazines) making small houses from templates gathered from a variety of resources. You’d be amazed at how many house templates you can find on the internet, particularly Pinterest. Using my passion for collage, I started one house that day, another the next day and finished both last night. I think you’ll be able to guess which one is my favorite. I love working with found items and pages from old books and old dictionary pages. It helps to have the right tools – a good Xacto knife, a metal ruler, sturdy chipboard, and lots and lots of random pieces of “junk.” I encourage you to try your hand at creating your own tiny house.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Houses

  1. I love that little chick in the door window!! And all the little bits on the more rustic ones are so fun – I love looking at worn things and thinking about their history. Well done!


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