Lots of Art to Share


I know it’s been awhile and I apologize. Rest assured, I have been doing art on a daily basis, but have found no time in between to write in my blog. The Colour Me Positive Art Journal Challenge continues. I wasn’t sure when I started if I could meet this challenge of responding  to a new quote every week with art I was happy with. Some quotes have inspired me, others have challenged me. I’ve been somewhat surprised by emotions that have surfaced on the pages of my art journal, but it’s all been good and continues to be loads of fun. I’ve explored a variety of techniques and creative tools. I do, however, remain most committed to developing my mixed media collage skills.

I’ve also created a series of houses from wood blocks wtih collage and am building quite the village. I’m really happy with the results and want to share my latest here with you.

Another work of art that was completed since my last post is a window box collage. My third one. It was inspired by a quote about doors – “Sometimes we stare so long at a door this is closing, that we see too lat the one that is open.”

There was also a special piece that I worked on in memory of my mother. It features a picture of her in a floral dress and has elements of the land she loved best – Hawaii. It’s hanging in a special place among other family photos.

CMP 18CMP 19CMP 20

Heart HouseDoor mixed media











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