Sweltering Summer Days…

It’s been a month to the day since I last posted and I’ve been busy taking online classes, creating art and trying new techniques. And, trying to stay cool as summer in Temecula revs up to peak temperatures. Can’t wait to see my electric bill! The heat is definitely keeping me indoors and creating art every day.

Went to two plays in the last week and was inspired by both to see many more this year. Saw Beautiful, the story of Carol King, and Green Day’s stage adaptation of their rock opera, American Idiot.  It was performed by a very talented cast of local actors, one of whom is my neighbor and good friend’s daughter. Both were fabulous! I came home and downloaded the soundtrack to Beautiful immediately and have not stopped listening to it since. While the the music to American Idiot by Green Day is not exactly in my wheelhouse, I can certainly appreciate the spirit of the play’s message.

The Colour Me Positive weekly art journal challenge and the Kelly Rae Unscripted online classes are certainly keeping me busy. I also just took a quick class on Skillshare from one of the artists that participated in The Year of the Spark with me. Her name is Herme Starrveld, from Studio Masterre. She teaches a class called “Draw A Silly Face.”It was great fun and I can’t wait to draw a silly face using Herme’s techniques.  I will share my first silly face in my next post.

Meanwhile, here is sample of what I’ve been creating over the last month.


One of my newest passions is little houses. I found these wonderful unfinished wooden ones at Michael’s and did some collage houses that I showed in a previous post. Now  I have done some small wooden ones in white with simple messages for Halloween and Christmas, as well as more inspired by Cheryl Dossey.

I hope that you enjoy seeing what I am getting such great joy in creating.


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