It’s A Cool Blustery Day…

It feels like Fall here in Temecula with cooler temperatures and a blustery wind. I know it won’t last long, but I am enjoying every minute of it. I do believe I will be posting more to this blog when Fall becomes a reality and I can cozy up with my computer (not really) and a cup of tea.

Not only is the weather cooperating today, but I have been feeling “Fall-ish” for the last couple of weeks. Readying myself for the holidays season by creating little houses, big houses and all sorts of holiday fun. I am hoping that some of my pieces find a home in a local shop, but if they don’t, I hope that my friends appreciate them as tokens of my love for their friendship and support of MyMixedUpArt endeavors.

I have actually been considering an Etsy shop, but have not taken the plunge. Not sure what is stopping me as I’ve had lots and lots of encouragement from artists I know and respect. I guess I have to work up just a little more courage.

The weekly Colour Me Positive Art Journal Challenge and the Kelly Rae Unscripted projects continue and I find that I take both inspiration and courage from both and that they influence me as an artist a lot.Both have also given me the courage to try new techniques and further develop an artistic voice of my own.

Here are just a few of the pieces I’ve been busy creating over the last few weeks.  I want to give credit to some of the wonderful digital papers I have found on Etsy and from website. It’s such fun to imagine a piece and go searching for the elements that will fulfill my imagination. Both are a tremendous resource.

Little Houses


Colour Me Positive

Bigger Houses

I’ll leave you with this quote I just discovered on creativity. I think it says it all. I’ve been blessed to have found some really terrific artists who have been willing to pass it on to me.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein







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