It finally rained in Temecula!!!

Yesterday was a beautiful rainy day in Temecula, CA, with tons of thunder and lightning. A perfect day to spend in the studio and create, right? No. The thunder and lightning scared my goldendoodle, Zoe, to death so I spent much of the day on the couch with her on my lap. Poor baby. She shivers and shakes and mild sedatives don’t help. It’s very unusual for us to get the kind of thunder and lightning we had yesterday. So, while I pray for more rain, I can do without the drama. I did, however, catch up on my favorite recorded TV shows and a movie. Here’s Zoe at a calmer moment in time.


I did promise to post my new MyMixedUpART business cards when they arrived. I am so pleased with them. I have always had such uninspiring corporate cards and it was so much fun to create a card that was funky, square and in color.  They came in this really cool square box. I highly recommend the online printing company called MOO. They offer high quality printing, design flexibility and competitive pricing.

I continue to work on holiday mixed media collages for my Etsy shop and have added a few Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas pieces since my last post.

The Colour Me Positive Art Journal Challenge is in Week 43. Scary to think that there are only 19 weeks left of 2016. Don’t despair though, we still have three of my favorite holidays left to celebrate – Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My sister also asked me to create a piece for a good friend’s birthday using photos of her home in Redwood Valley. Using an aging program on PicMonkey, I aged the photos, mounted them on wood and placed them in a shadow box frame with the word “HOME” in block letters . I sure hope she likes it.


That’s it for now. Have a great week.



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