Summer Has Come and (almost) Gone

Not here in Temecula where the temperature has averaged over 90 degrees every day since the end of August. I am so looking forward to the Fall when it will be cool and crisp in the mornings and maybe get to the mid 70’s during the day. I may have to wait until November, but that’s OK. I have an art retreat in October in North Carolina. That should give me the Autumn “feel good” I’m looking for.

The heat has not kept me from creating some new pieces since I last posted to my blog. The Colour Me Positive journal group missed a few weeks due to an emergency in the administrator’s family, but we are rapidly catching up. I will be working on Week 31 and 32 this week and will show those in my next post.

Here are Weeks #26 – 31. Week #31 is a quote that I chose since there wasn’t one that week. We have since caught up and I will be creating a new #31 and #32 this week.

Other creative endeavors include starting Halloween houses for my Etsy shop. One piece done and many more to come.


Several houses have also been created and I am working on a few more that will be appearing “you know where” soon.

Most exciting of all, I did my first abstract painting based on the teachings of Judi Ohl in  Abstracts In Arcylic & Ink. And, I just started taking her online class, Zen Houses. I am so excited to learn more from her and will also be attending the ReMe Retreat Sandhills in North Carolina in October where she and Jean Skipper, another very talented artist, will be teaching. I haven’t named this one yet, so if anyone would like to make suggestions, I love to hear them.


IMG_2867 (1)

And one more little piece made with miscellaneous ephemera called Missing Time….

IMG_2963 (1)

I will leave you will a fun saying that I found on my favorite site for quotes, WordPorn, since some of my best creative ideas come to me at night.




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