Oh my, oh my……

I simply cannot believe it has been over a year since I posted to my blog. I can make no apologies for my absence except to say that I have been evaluating my life as an artist and what adventures I want that life to take me on. I guess it took longer than even I was aware. That being said, I’m back and committed to sharing with you my mixed up art life and adventures a lot more often. A very reliable source (you know who you are) told me that I don’t have to write a lot, but I should post often.

I am not going to bore your with everything that went on over the last year but will catch you up on the highlights. A fabulous trip to Memphis to celebrate my daughter’s 50th birthday crossing both visiting Graceland and the National Civil Rights Museum off our bucket lists. In addition to that trip, there were two wonderful trips to New York to visit a good friend and my granddaughter, a ReMe retreat in North Carolina that was taught by two of my favorite people, Jodi Ohl and Jean Skipper (lots of new art friends as a result of that very fun retreat), a Fall and Winter filled with lots of rain and cold weather which I love and which is very unusual (can I say hardly ever happens) for California, and lots and lots of art which I will post a smattering of below.  While on the East Coast in the Spring, I was lucky enough to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art with my granddaughter and best friend, Suzanne. We also visited the Moravian Tile Works which was amazing, Gettysburg and Cape May where we caught up with one of my FB artist friends, Paige Cunningham. She was gracious enough to show us around Cape May and share her delightful home and studio.

Who would have thought I would have so much fun making paper earrings? You can make one to match every outfit or for every holiday season. You’ll see a selection below. They also make great gifts.

Here is a visual recap of where my mixed up art has taken me this past year. It is just a smattering of the directions my art has taken me. I have to say that I still believe that mixed media and collage are my passion. I also am developing a real passion for assemblage.






That’s it for now. I will leave you with this quote.

“My growth depends on my walls coming down.” Evelyn Underhill