I’m Back…


I think I started my last blog post with “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s been a year since my last post.” Well, here we are another year gone and I am back. And, what a year it has been. I started a consulting job in marketing communications and it has deprived me of time for both creating art and blogging. Then the pandemic hit and rather than create art, which always makes me feel better, I hit a major wall. I did a little here and there and there was one thing I was totally committed to and that was the Paris Collage Collective Challenge. It is an international collage community and each week they post a high quality image that you can use to create either a digital or an analog collage. You then post to a group page. The art is magnifique! I won’t bore you with all of my posts, but here are a few of my favorite collages. The image on the left is a composite collage of some of my most recent pieces. In the center image, the photo on the left is the original and my collage is on the right. And, the one on the right is a full collage of four individual images of the original digitally enhanced. I am learning a lot about working digitally with images in a number of photo apps. 

Other work includes pieces I’ve created as part of an online class (or two, or three) that I’ve taken during the Pandemic. The “wonky” face is from Deb Weirs‘ Wonky Friends and Critters class at Kara Bullock Art School. The tiny book is from Seth Apter’s online class titled Mini Book Madness. And, the Steampunk Journal is from a class taught by Pamela Vosseller called The League of Extraordinary.  All extraordinary teachers. I highly recommend you take a class from all of them. 

So many of the artists I follow and, most likely those I haven’t discovered yet, have been wonderful during this challenging time by offering free online tutorials, in-person classes modified for online, and Facebook Live sessions so that we can continue to be part of the wonderful community of artists.

Stay safe and well everyone. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes .

MORE IS MORE – Seth Apter


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